Tjejmilen security measures

On August 17, the terror threat level in Sweden was raised to level 4. The public is asked to continue living life as usual, but to pay attention to the information that the authorities give out.
To those of you who are registered for Tjejmilen, are considering registering for the race, or are planning on being a spectator during the event, we would like to share our security work with you to hopefully offer a sense of safety and security leading up to and during the event. The safety and security of runners, volunteers, spectators and staff is at our highest priority.
We conduct active internal security work within our organisation which deals with the safety both leading up to and during the race. This includes the expo area, the event area and around the race course. Among other things, we have an emergency plan for possible activism activities that could endanger the safety of the runners.
We have a close dialogue with the police about the general security situation. There is currently nothing to indicate that mass participation events or other large gatherings of people would be under any specific threat. We always have the police on site at our big races and have routines for how we cooperate before, during and after the event.
We would like to emphasize that there is no specific threat directed at Tjejmilen and that we will keep participants and spectators updated if additional security measures will be introduced during the event.
We are looking forward to September 2nd and hope you will have a great Tjejmilen experience!
Tjejmilen Kundtjänst

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